Enso Center Elemental Yoga Program

Yoga is practiced for strengthening and stretching the body, increasing energy (prana), and calming the mind. Our Elemental Yoga program is designed to increase your physical health, flexibility, strength, and balance while improving confidence and mental peace.

Yoga focuses on the health of the whole person with a series of relaxed breathing and movement exercises. It is practiced slowly, emphasizing healthy joints and movement, with a relaxed and robust body and mind.

Our Elemental Yoga Program is a blend of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama (breathing exercises).

It incorporates the five main elements of yoga:

  • Earth
    Asanas (poses) and bandhas (breath system lock points) form the support for the practice
  • Water
    A sense of stillness in the dynamics of movement from one pose to another
  • Fire
    Energy builds with directed Pranayama (breathing) exercises
  • Air
    Gain even more through the class community - encouragement, wisdom, knowledge of ancient texts
  • Space
    Bring everything together with meditation and the sense of dynamics in the stillness

About the Enso Center Elemental Yoga Program

  • We welcome people of all levels and physical abilities in these classes, children, and adults.
  • See current Safe Start Information
  • Class Schedule
  • For more info, please contact Enso Center via email.
  • You can register anytime. Your payment will be prorated based on your start date.

Elemental Yoga Articles

Watch this space for supplemental content - videos, curriculum notes, reading list, etc.

Coming Soon A quick overview of the breathing foci - Concentrate, Center, Relax, Extend, Sink

Private Lessons and Specialty Classes

Sessions include one-on-one instruction with Jason. You will receive a 10% discount if purchasing four or more private lessons at one time.

Elemental Yoga

Develop flexibility, strength, balance while encouraging a more peaceful mind through elemental yoga.

Yoga Full (Any or All Yoga Classes) $80/month
Yoga Single (1x / week) $65/month