Enso Center Archery Program

Archery is one of the fastest growing activities in the US and an Olympic sport! Come try the fun challenge of Archery!

Our archery program was jointly started between Enso Center and Jay St. Charles of Pacific Yew Longbows. Jay is an archery professional with over 40 years of experience.

Tim Lemke has taken over primary instruction duties from Jay and has been Jay's student since 2008 and we are fortunate to have Sheri Rees teach Archery at Enso Center as well.

You will learn in a safe, positive and fun environment from USAA Level 2 Certified (Male and Female) Instructors passionate about sharing Archery with others.

Depending on specific conditions, you will shoot in one of four possible locations:

1) Outside on the Archery Field (part of our wooded 12+ acre property)
2) Inside the Cedar Dojang (outside, covered class area on the deck attached to the Enso Center main training facility)
3) Inside the Iron Dojang (outside, covered class area in the lower parking lot)
4) Inside the beautiful 4800 sq.ft. Enso Center main training facility (also providing Martial Arts, Yoga, Weapons and Tai Chi training)

Archery Articles

Enso Center archery instructor Sheri Rees has written some archery-related articles to assist our students.


Some simple stretching routines to prepare you for the range.

Arms / Upper Body
Core Strength
Legs / Lower Body
Stretchband / Bow

General Information

Some general articles about archery practice.

Cold Weather FAQs
Short Range Shooting FAQs
Basic Gear FAQs
Hot Weather FAQs

Private Lessons and Specialty Classes

Archery Private Lesson Sessions include one-on-one instruction with Tim Lemke or Sheri Rees.

You will receive a 10% discount if purchasing four or more private lessons at one time.

Specialty Classes - Bring your group down to Enso Center for a fun, new activity. Previous classes included Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, various other Clubs and Groups as well as Birthday Parties.

Archery - $95/month | $65/month

  • Archery Full (Any or All Archery Classes) $95/month
  • Archery Single (1x/week) $65/month
  • All equipment is supplied. However, students are allowed to bring their own equipment with instructor approval.
  • Enso Center members currently enrolled in martial arts programs receive an additional 20% discount on Archery packages.
  • We welcome people of all levels and physical abilities in these classes
  • Age limits for all our classes can be found on the Programs & Prices page
  • At Enso Center, we encourage families to train together - adults and kids train in the same classes
  • See current Safe Start Information
  • You can register anytime. Your payment will be prorated based on your start date
  • For more info, please contact Enso Center via email