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Martial Arts Classes for Children, Individuals & Families

At Enso Center, you are not locked into a long term contract. You can pay your tuition monthly. We think you're going to love our programs, but if you don't, we also make it easy to cancel as well. You can cancel at any time by contacting us.

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Enso Center encourages families to train together. We offer family based discounts on our Hapkido and Full Martial Arts Packages. The first family member pays the regular monthly tuition rate for their package. The second additional family member receives 25% off their package. All additional family members receive 50% off of their package price. Discounts are calculated from the most expensive to least expensive packages.

Full Martial Arts Package - $180/month

Full Martial Arts includes Hapkido, Weapons, Tai Chi and Yoga

Because we are a non-profit, your annual fee of $50 ($75 per family) is tax-deductible. You'll also know that your donation will go to helping us serve your community. We offer need-based scholarships so that nobody is ever turned away due to lack of funds.

Our Programs

Hapkido - $150/month

This is our most popular program. This includes unlimited classes.

Hapkido is a martial art that translates as a coordinated energy way or universal energy way. This soft style is a complete martial arts system. It integrates kicking, hand techniques, patterns (series of pre-arranged moves) and redirection of another’s force through circular movements leading to joint locks and throws. Some weapons practice, such as wooden sword and staff, are also included.


This program is designed to increase your physical health, flexibility, strength, and balance while improving confidence and encouraging a more peaceful mind. Hapkido is an excellent art for self-defense which focuses on physical and mental health while being in harmony with one’s environment. Students work alone and with partners on various skills. We practice the traditional "internal style" art of Hapkido, emphasizing fluid movement, and follow-through. Our style of Hapkido is Kiwon Hapkido.

Tai Chi - $80/month

Practicing Tai Chi improves balance, strength, energy, and mindfulness.

Tai Chi is a martial art that translates roughly as Grand Ultimate. It focuses on the health of the whole person with a series of relaxed breathing and strengthening exercises. Patterns are practiced slowly, emphasizing healthy joints and movement, with a strong, relaxed body & mind. We practice both the Yang Chinese Style and ShinShimDo Korean Style of Tai Chi.

Enso Center Tai Chi Group
Enso Center Tai Chi 2 - Fan Form

Weapons / Tongji Do - $80/month

Our weapons (Tongji Do) program teaches self-defense techniques with and against a variety of weapons. It emphasizes the correct use of weapons and proper form. Wooden practice weapons are used, including small, middle, and long staff, long sword, and knife. They are provided only for use inside the class. Cane, rope, and spear are also taught as additional weapons at advanced levels.

Benefits include improved strength, flexibility, focus, dexterity, and awareness of surroundings. All levels of experiences are welcome. Students must be 13 years of age or older.

Archery - $65/month

Archery is one of the fastest growing activities in the US and an Olympic sport! Come try the fun challenge of Archery!

You will learn in a safe, positive and fun environment from USAA Level 2 Certified (Male and Female) Instructors passionate about sharing Archery with others.

For more information, check out our Archery Program page.

Archery focus image

Elemental Yoga - $80/month

Develop flexibility, strength, balance while encouraging a more peaceful mind through elemental yoga.

Yoga is practiced for strengthening and stretching the body, increasing energy (prana), and calming the mind. This program is designed to increase your physical health, flexibility, strength, and balance while improving confidence and mental peace.

For more information, check out our Elemental Yoga Program page.

Aerial Arts Classes

The inspirational and talented Marisa Oka of Spinderella Studios has been sharing her joy of movement with her students for over a decade. Assisted by Aria Mix and Isa Luanava, she will be teaching Aerial Hammock at Enso Center.

Flight Class

Flight class incorporates a few yoga fundamentals through the use of the hammock so that you can fly, all while learning the basics of both yoga and aerial. Designed for beginners, we will help you float, all while you downward dog. Flight class is filled with inversions, core basics and body control.

Stretch Class

Stretch class is designed to open up your body to movement and mobility. We will explore range of motion, conditioning and active flexibility. Class is appropriate for all skill levels.

Adaptive Hapkido - $35/month

This specially designed Adaptive Hapkido curriculum is tailored to people with special needs. Participants discover Hapkido's practice in a safe, positive, fun, caring, and welcoming environment. Classes are taught by a team of highly qualified black belt instructors.

The Technique & Benefits

Students explore fluid movements, breathing exercises, and learn how to fall safely. Exercises are designed to improve coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, self-confidence, and to promote healthy joints, strong core muscles, and the mind-body connection.

Students work individually, in pairs or as a group with an instructor to student ratio of approximately 1 to 3. We can welcome people of all abilities, beginner, through advanced, ages 13 and older. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to watch at any time.

Enso Center
Enso Center Tai Chi

Private Lessons $100/hour

Includes one-on-one instruction with Master Jason Mix in Hapkido/Tai Chi/Weapons/Yoga.

Archery instruction will be with Tim or Sheri

You will receive a 10% discount if purchasing four or more private lessons at one time.


Full Martial Arts Package

Attend all our Hapkido, Weapons, Tai Chi, And Yoga classes for only $180/month (save over $250).

Enso Center Tai Chi - Sword Form


All monthly programs require an annual registration fee of $50 per individual or $75 per family.

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